Top 5 BBQ Blogs

When the weather is getting warmer, the sun is (occasionally) peeking out and it’s even stopped raining – it must be BBQ season!  Whether you’re a fan of a delicious smoky skewer, or prefer some marinaded meat cooked low and slow, we’ve got our list of the top BBQ blogs on the web.

Top BBQ Blogs

1. Barbecue! Bible

Top BBQ Blogs - BBQ Bible

The Barbecue Bible is a blog written by Steven Raichlan – the man who (self-proclaimed) “reinvented modern barbecue”.  If that’s not a reason to visit his blog, I don’t know what is.   Steven wrote a book called Barbecue Bible 20 years ago in 1998, and since then he has travelled the world in search of the greatest barbecue techniques and recipes.  Steven has his own store on the blog, offering the chance to purchase his books, but also a whole range of tools and BBQ accessories.  You can even buy a range of specialised barbecue fuels and flavourings.


2. BBQ Addicts

Top BBQ Blogs - BBQ Addicts

The BBQ Addicts take their barbecuing very seriously – they’re a BBQ team claiming to be one of the premiere BBQ teams in America, including a first-place and the American Royal World Championships.  Here at the Blog Review we didn’t even know there was such a thing as competitive BBQ until we started researching our top BBQ blogs, but we always enjoy learning new things!  The blog covers some of their top recipes, and also features some of their competition-worthy techniques. The BBQ Addicts is also home to the Bacon Explosion – a sausage which is inexplicably filled with bacon…


3. Grills Forever

Top BBQ Blogs - Grills Forever

This BBQ blog is the brainchild of Alex Coleman and Dan Morrison, two very different BBQ-lovers from North Carolina.  Alex is the artist (and a hog farmer!) whilst Dan is the scientist of the pair, bringing their mix of skills and talents together in pursuit of the perfect BBQ food.   They research grilling and smoking recipes and flavours, and share their findings and results on their blog, offering guides to grill maintenance and tips for smoking a whole range of delicious food, proving that science and art can co-exist to make this one of our top BBQ blogs.


4. BBQ Spot

Top BBQ Blogs - BBQ Spot

Not only does BBQ Spot claim to cover “all things BBQ”, this fiery site contains some great photography work, really showcasing the delicious food on offer.  They’ve got some mouthwatering recipes, from traditional low and slow cooking to a range of tasty rubs.  We really enjoyed their articles, which talk not only about the techniques but also bust some BBQ myths such as not needing to sear meat before cooking, and suggestions for great side dishes to serve with your meaty mains.


5. WowBBQ

Top BBQ Blogs - Wow BBQ

Whilst this isn’t updated as regularly as some of the other BBQ blogs on our list, it features something none of the others do – a fascinating feature called “Around the world in 80 BBQs“. As the name suggests, this series of articles looks at a different country each time, investigating the particular barbecue recipes and flavours which each region of the world specialises in.  They particular focus on the Weber brand of BBQ (other BBQ brands are available…) but their blog explains how to get the best out of whichever model you own, with cooking times and temperatures tailored for Weber owners.  They also happen to have one of the biggest BBQ blogs in the UK, although happily tip their hat in deference to the American kings of the BBQ.


If you’ve enjoyed these blogs, why not check out some of our other food blogs.

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