Top 5 Indian Food Blogs

Today we’re featuring the top Indian food blogs from across the internet, focussing on authentic Indian cooking.  Known for its rich and aromatic spices, Indian food has some of the tastiest meals on the planet, from the classic starter of poppadums and chapati to quintessential curry dishes.

If Indian food isn’t your favourite, why not tikka look at our other food blogs? (Sorry… couldn’t resist!)

Top Indian Food Blogs

1. Monica’s Spice Diary

Indian Food Blogs - Monica's Spice Diary

When Monica left home to study in America her mother worried that she wouldn’t keep up the family tradition of cooking great Indian food.  Well she needn’t have panicked because Monica now runs an award-winning pop-up restaurant in the UK.  Her Spice Diary blog shares some of the home-cooked recipes which the restaurant is now famous for.  The recipes are detailed and accompanied by mouth-watering photographs of the dishes, and the site also features some of Monica’s thoughts and musings about food.


2. Maunika Gowardhan

Indian Food Blogs - Maunika Gowardhan

Maunika’s blog features not only recipes, but links to her books and even TV appearances – Maunika is an Indian celebrity chef!  Born in Mumbai and now living in the UK, Maunika’s Indian food blog has some fantastic recipes and is really well produced to a high standard.  We especially liked the Spice Pantry section which features a complete range of Indian spices with details on how to best use them within your cooking.  There’s also an interesting range of lifestyle posts with some great photographs.


3. Tarladalal

Indian Food Blogs - TarlaDalal

Claiming to be number 1 of the many Indian food blogs is a pretty good start, and this site features a whopping 20,000 recipes to choose from, many submitted by eager readers of a blog which has been viewed millions of times.  Tarla has left a lasting legacy, with regular tips of the day and even cookery competitions for her fans to enter.  Part of the website has been translated into Hindi in order to reach out to more budding chefs, and you can even search the recipe database by ingredient.


4. Delectable Victuals

Indian Food Blogs - Delectable Victuals

Sadly this blog hasn’t been updated in a couple of months, but hopefully it will soon be back to posting regular updates.  Focussing mainly on Palakkad cuisine from southern India, this Indian food blog also has some great recipes in fusion cuisine.  As well as the vast selection of recipes there are also links to other lifestyle blogs by the author.  All the dishes featured on this site have fantastic photos of the food, making it one of our recommendations!


5. Cooking with Shobana

Indian Food Blogs - Cooking with Shobana

The first thing you notice on Shobana’s great Indian food blog is the huge personal photo of Shobana in her kitchen.  Whilst it might not be the most modern-looking of all the Indian food blogs out there, the authenticity of the recipes on offer is second-to-none.  The site has hundreds of easy to follow, home-cooked recipes all made by Shobana.  On top of the great recipes it also features reviews of Indian restaurants, giving the reader an insider view on what’s hot in Indian cuisine.

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  • Carolyn E

    Love these blogs – all really interesting and great for experimenting away from my usual recipes.

  • It looks very yummy.

    Thanks for sharing such a delicious recipe with us.


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