Top 5 Italian Food Blogs

This page focusses on pasta, pizza and all things Italian in our quest to list the Top 5 Italian food blogs on the web.  Italians love their food and take it tremendously seriously, with their main meal being eaten at lunchtime in the middle of the day. Buon appetito!

If you prefer Indian or even vegan food, then why not have a look at some of our other top food blogs.

Top Italian Food Blogs

1. My Little Italian Kitchen

Top Italian Food Blog - My Little Italian Kitchen

My Little Italian Kitchen is about good quality Italian food and artisan foodie travel.  The website has hundreds upon hundreds of recipes, but what’s more interesting is the range of articles featuring topics from hanging meat to Jamie Oliver.  Alida is the main author behind the blog, and is always posting updates of beautifully-shot recipes and her trips and adventures in pursuit of the perfect Italian meal, always hunting for the best slow food in the world.


2. Elizabeth Minchilli

Top Italian Food Blogs - Elizabeth Minchilli

Elizabeth Minchilli has been writing about Italian food for over 30 years, so if anyone knows how to make a good pasta bake, it’s Elizabeth.  She’s based in Rome, so some of her trips out are centred around the capital but she also travels further afield in search of top cuisine.  In fact, she even offers food tours to take paying guests along with her on her adventures!  Elizabeth has recently started producing videos of her travels and recipes and the site continues to grow.


3. Katie Parla

Top Italian Food Blogs - Katie Parla

Not only does this site look gorgeous, the Italian food it features also looks incredibly tasty.  Katie has published over 20 books so she knows a thing or two about writing, helping to make this website one of the top Italian food blogs out there.  Like Elizabeth she is also based in Rome, and her blog articles tend to feature tips and advice on where to eat some quality artisanal food when out and about in the capital. She also offers tours, and judging by her encyclopedic knowledge of Italian food she’d be a great guide!


4. Orsara Recipes

Top Italian Food Blogs - Orsara Recipes

Curated by Chef Pasquale, what this Italian food blog lacks in design, it more than makes up for with the quality of its authentic Italian recipes.  Chef Pasquale has filmed brilliant video guides to go with all the recipes on the site, with easy to follow instructions helping the reader to make some delicious Italian food.  You can even buy a t-shirt!  Compared to many of the more slickly-produced Italian food blogs on the web this site gives the impression of being highly authentic.


5. Silvia Colloca

Top Italian Food Blogs - Silvia Colloca

Our final pick of the top Italian food blogs is from Silvia Colloca.  She hails from Sydney, Australia but is passionate about Italian food, and invites everyone to her ‘cucina’ to share in her Italian cooking.  She’s especially keen to dispel the myth that all Italian food is fatty and unhealthy by showing that a Mediterranean diet can be tasty and wholesome when cooked from scratch with top-quality Italian ingredients.  She’s also an actor and an opera singer!

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Italian Food Blogs

  • Eileen Sumner

    These blogs look very informative

  • Ellen Stafford

    I love My Little Italian Kitchen blog – it’s great!

  • I love the Elizabeth Minchilli blog, the folks who have been at it for decades are the masters, so much to learn about the real way to cook Italian!


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