Top 5 Shoe Blogs – Shoes Glorious Shoes!

Everyone LOVES shoes, right? But what is trending now? How are you going to find that perfect pair?  Every outfit can be accessorised by the ultimate pair of shoes, whether it be stilettos, flip flops, trainers, pumps or boots. The Blog Review has reviewed the best trending shoe blogs to get those top fashion ideas.

Top Shoe Blogs

1. The Daily Shoe

This website is the ultimate for daily inspiration with a wide range of shoes for different occasions. Every day a new shoe is showcased with an in depth review and array of pictures and accompanying ‘stylist’s inspiration’ to provide great fashion picks to team up with your new pair. What more could you want? This site is regularly updated to be sure to give you the latest trends – every day in fact! Plus the great photography helps make this one of the best shoe blogs out there.

Top Shoe Blogs - The Daily Shoe


2. En Brogue

En Brogue is an excellent blog by fashion writer Hannah Rochell and focuses specifically on style AND comfort! Hannah explains how she only wears flat shoes, and the blog illustrates beautifully how flat shoes can compliment any outfit, and she has reviewed a huge number of flats! Additionally Hannah is particularly unique in that she also has links to her illustrations on her website, where she exhibits her own paintings of the shoes she loves. Well worth a look.

Top Shoe Blogs - En Brogue


3. 5 Inch and Up

Sandra Hagelstam is London-based design graduate with a passion for high end, high heel shoes. She reveals her shoe of the month, with a dedicated review. ‘Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life’. This is one of the UKs top fashion blogs with a particular focus on shoes demonstrated with high quality photography by her award winning photographer. Very professional example of how to write one of the best shoe blogs.

Top Shoe Blogs - 5 Inch and Up


4. Talking Men’s Shoes

Thankfully there are (a few) shoe blogs about men’s shoes! Talking Men’s Shoes keeps you up to date with the latest trends in men’s shoes, including industry news, street style and athletic shoes. The best part about the website is the unique ‘Shoefie’ page which is where readers are encouraged to send in photos of themselves wearing their new shoes, detailing where they bought them from and how much they cost. Such an innovative and fun way to see what is trending now!

Top Shoes Blogs - Talking Mens Shoes


5. ShoeTease Shoe Blog

This blog is a brilliant collection of articles about top fashion shoes, as well as really useful articles about shoe care. They have written some really handy tips about heel protectors, ‘sticky heels’ and how to clean your Ugg boots – If you are a shoe lover these are need to know facts!  They’ve even got an article about how to make your shoes bigger!  We especially liked their info on the best winter waterproofs – very topical shoe advice!

Top Shoe Blogs - Shoe Tease

Enjoyed these articles? Then have a look at our fashion pages to find something else nice to wear!

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