Top 5 Black Friday Blogs 2019

Everyone loves a deal, and there’s no better time to grab a bargain than Black Friday.  Traditionally falling on the Friday immediately after the American holiday of Thanksgiving, in 2019 Black Friday will be on the 29th November.  More popular than its cousin Cyber Monday (which is the busiest online shopping day of the year), Black Friday features shoppers heading out into stores to hunt for a deal.  We’ve gathered together some of the best Black Friday blogs out there to help you save some cash this year.

Take a look at our pick of the best Black Friday blogs below.

Top Black Friday Blogs


Top Black Friday Blogs - Black Friday

Anyone astute enough to get hold of the domain name “” is going to be savvy enough to spot a great deal, and that’s exactly what the good people at this blog do.  Each year the team hunt out the best Black Friday deals and the hottest offers and share them with their many fans.  In a unique touch they feature scans of posters and print adverts from a whole bunch of different famous brands, then provide handy clickable links to each of the featured products.  Well worth a look if you’re after a bargain!


2. Brad’s Deals

Top Black Friday Blogs - Brads Deals

Brad’s Deals is run by…  Brad! He runs a team of consumer-savvy individuals who scour the web to pull out the best Black Friday deals on the market. Every deal posted on the site has been checked and listed by a real-life human (just like here on The Blog Review), elevating it above some other sites we’ve seen which are just robot-generated lists of suspect deals.  Brad’s Deals don’t actually sell any of the products they’re highlighting, so everything featured is purely there on merit.


3. BestBlackFriday

Top Black Friday Blogs - Best Black Friday

Well the name pretty much says it all for this one – BestBlackFriday aims to be one of the top Black Friday blogs on the internet.  They really take their mission seriously, and over the past few years they’ve recruited their very own ‘crew’ for hunting down the best deals.  The blog portion of the site offers some great predictions on which items might be discounted this year, as well as offering some useful tips on store opening hours over the holiday weekend.


4. Black Friday Deals Online UK

Top Black Friday Blogs - Black Friday Deals Online UK

For those readers based in the UK, Black Friday is a relatively new phenomenon as the event was originally most popular in the USA.  Despite this, many British firms are joining in the fun and are offering increasingly attractive discounts to savvy shoppers.  This site was set up to help British consumers find the best deals on offer, and is one of the biggest Black Friday blogs in the UK, sending over 1 million shoppers to a tasty deal last year.

5. GottaDeal

Top Black Friday Blogs - GottaDeal

The good folks at GottaDeal have been covering Black Friday for 15 years, making them seasoned experts amongst the deal hunting community.  They feature deals on their regular site all year round, and they use this information to offer some great predictions of what might appear on their Black Friday blog.  They also split the discounts into different topics, helping shoppers tailor their search to the products they are most interested in.

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