Top 5 Diet Blogs

Finding a diet which works for you is one of life’s greatest challenges, and we’ve been scouring some of the top diet blogs on the internet for fitness enthusiasts and people who just want to lose weight. A good diet works with your lifestyle to help you stay active and feeling great, whilst also allowing you the freedom to eat the things you enjoy.  These are the best diet blogs we could find for seasoned nutritionists or diet beginners alike.

Top Diet Blogs

1. The Fitnessista

Top Diet Blogs - The Fitnessista

As well as having a great name, the Fitnessista blog runs a great mix of diet and food articles, as well as general lifestyle tips from all-round supermom Gina.  The blog originally started out as an outlet for Gina’s healthy recipes, but has gradually grown to include workouts and advice for a complete healthy lifestyle.  We think that this is one of the best diet blogs to read, as there are plenty of interesting articles to read in-between trying out all the healthy recipes.  Plus the photography is so great it makes the food look almost irresistible.  To top it all there is a great community spirit and Gina regularly responds to readers’ comments.


2. The Real Life RD

Top Diet Blogs - The Real-life RD

The Real Life RD (which stands for Registered Dietitian in case you’re not from America) is written by Robyn, and was started way back in 2012.  Whilst Robyn is indeed a real dietitian, her blog focusses on the wider aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and tries to steer away from a total obsession with eating nothing but salad.  There are a couple of recipes which Robyn particularly enjoys, but by and large the blog has a great range of articles about what it means to be healthy.  There’s also a brilliant set of articles about women’s health (men – we’ve got you covered later in this list!) which are well worth a read.


3. Hungry Healthy Happy

Top Diet Blogs - Hungry Healthy Happy

In contrast to the last diet blog, Hungry Healthy Happy is all about the recipes.  There are some other lifestyle sections, but the main focus is on the food and ingredients which helped Dannii achieve an impressive 100lb weight loss.  Despite this the blog is still keen to be seen as bigger than a simple weight-loss blog, with the emphasis on finding a diet and lifestyle which works for you.  The recipes are broken down into categories based on meal (think starters, main, dessert) and also by major ingredient, making it really simple to find some inspiration on how to use up those store cupboard items – plus they all look really tasty!


4. Run Eat Repeat

Top Diet Blogs - Run Eat Repeat

The name is somewhat of a giveaway here, but Run Eat Repeat is a lifestyle diet blog encouraging a mix of healthy eating and healthy exercise.  Monica started the blog almost 10 years ago as a means of documenting her weight-loss and fitness journey, and it offers a mixture of really useful articles for anyone considering using running to help them towards their goals.  This blog really offers the complete package for would-be runners, with brilliant plans and tips for pounding the pavement, to pre- and post-run recipe ideas to keep you fuelled up and fighting fit.  Monica has had fantastic results and is clearly a passionate believer in her methods.


5. Man V Fat

Top Diet Blogs - Man v Fat

Finally – one for the boys.   Whilst many diet blogs on the web are targeted at women, this blog is all about the men. Starting out as a digital magazine back in 2014, Andrew has grown Man V Fat  to cover a huge range of lifestyle and diet tips and advice for all men who are looking to lose some weight.  We particularly enjoyed the real sense of community on the site, with a brilliant forum allowing like-minded men to come together and support each other on their journeys.  The lifestyle articles are also genuinely tailored to their target audience, with plenty of tips on taking up football and sharing recipes.


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