Top 5 Cricket Blogs

When summer strikes, then one of the top sports to play is cricket, and we’ve been looking for the top cricket blogs on the web.  Originally invented in England, the game has spread all over the world, and even has its own World Cup.  There are several versions of the game, but whether you prefer the patient tactical challenge of a test match or the all-out thrill of a T20, we’ve got the top cricket blogs for you to read.  Don’t forget to check out our other Sports blogs as well!

Top 5 Cricket Blogs

1. ESPN CricInfo

Top Cricket Blogs - ESPN CricInfo

Starting with one of the most well-known cricket sites on the internet, ESPN is known as a global sports network.  When the popular CricInfo site was brought into the ESPN family back in 2007 a glowing partnership was formed.  The site is well known for its colossal bank of statistics, covering every single first-class and international player (over 50,000 players!), but also has a brilliant collection of cricket blogs, with comment and analysis from a host of famous cricketers past and present.  If you want quick and accurate cricket info – head to CricInfo.


2. The Full Toss

Top Cricket Blogs - The Full Toss

The Full Toss is an independent cricket blog, staffed by “a bunch of neurotic, obsessive cricket nerds”. Despite this obvious drawback, the blog is full of well-written and detailed articles, with plenty of comment pieces about recent matches.  Whilst the site focusses on the England national team, it’s well worth a read for any cricket fan looking to while away some time during the tea break.  There are even a selection of quizzes for the reader to test their cricketing know-who with!


3. The Cricket Blog

Top Cricket Blogs - The Cricket Blog

Doing very much what it says on the tin, The Cricket Blog is a blog about cricket.  With a wide range of articles covering all forms of the game, there are also some excellent feature articles taking a closer look at aspects of the sport and providing interesting insights into the future of the game.  It covers all the major cricket-playing nations, with detailed analysis of matches and series being played all over the world.


4. Well Pitched

Top Cricket Blogs - Well Pitched

The Well Pitched cricket blog is a collection of articles and opinion pieces written by cricket fans, for cricket fans.  The site has been running since 2007 and still features regular updates, with the recent Cricket World Cup a particular highlight.  The articles are in-depth and well researched, and allow the passion of the authors to really shine through, whether discussing the white ball version of the game or traditional test matches.  With a commitment to quality journalism, the aim of this cricket blog is definitely on a good length.


5. CricBlog

Top Cricket Blogs - CricBlog

Our final entry in our list of the top cricket blogs is written by one incredibly dedicated cricket fan.  Charbel Coorey manages to write an impressive number of articles keeping up with matches being played worldwide, but focussing on his beloved Australia.  We also liked his coverage of the women’s game, part of the sport which is steadily growing in popularity.  Charbel has some great opinions to share and excellent analysis of player performance, making this cricket blog one not to miss.


We do hope you enjoyed this list of the best cricket blogs.  As we mentioned earlier, for more like this then check out our other sports blogs.

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