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Rugby is one of the oldest sports in the world, and we’ve been searching high and low for some of the top rugby blogs on the internet for fans of the game.  For those who don’t know, rugby is said to have been created when William Webb Ellis picked up the ball during a game of football (or soccer) and then started running with it.  Rather than giving him a red card, the school decided to create a brand new game and rugby was born.  There are two separate codes of the game, rugby union and rugby league, but the rules are largely similar in both.  These are the best rugby blogs we could find covering all aspects of the game with the weird-shaped ball.


Top Rugby Blogs

1. Total Flanker

Total Flanker - Top Rugby Blogs

Total Flanker might have the appearance of an old-school blog, but the insight and analysis within its articles is second-to-none.  It doesn’t have the liveliest of communities, so look elsewhere if you’re after some rugby forum type discussion, but if you’re a fan of the game then there’s plenty to enjoy here.   There’s an excellent regularity to the posts, with a great mix of humour, opinions and critical analysis of some of the biggest talking-points in the game at the moment.  We liked the fact that Total Flanker goes beyond a simple rugby news site and isn’t afraid to share points of view on the state of the game.


2. The Rugby Site

The Rugby Site - Top Rugby Blogs

This site is actually a resource for rugby coaches, offering a paid plan of videos and other coaching resources.  Despite this, it also features a great (and free!) rugby blog, filled with great articles and analysis of big plays in recent games.  It also includes articles written by guest editors including famous rugby coaches.  The analysis is fantastic, and whilst it is admittedly mostly aimed at rugby coaches it’s a great read for anyone who is interested in the more technical aspects of the game, and is looking to take their armchair punditry to a new level!


3. Planet Rugby

Planet Rugby - Top Rugby Blogs

Planet Rugby is one of the most popular and well-read rugby sites on the web.  It has a comprehensive news section covering all the latest developments, and a huge and very lively rugby forum.  The site also includes a brilliant series of rugby articles, with coverage of big international tournaments like the Six Nations and the World Cup, together with features and insight on the domestic game.  The amount of articles is amazing, making this blog the first port of call for your regular lunch-time rugby fix.  As it is such a professionally-run blog there is less personality than some of the other rugby blogs on our list but still well worth a read.


4. Scottish Rugby Blog

Scottish Rugby Blog - Top Rugby Blogs

Whilst this blog is clearly aimed at a reasonably-narrow target audience, the fact that it has been around since 2007 (and is still growing) should tell you all you need to know about the quality of its content.  It’s an incredibly comprehensive breakdown of all Scottish rugby, ranging from rugby sevens, through the domestic scene and on to chart the ups and downs of the national team.  There’s also a brilliant complementary podcast to go along with with the articles, which are clearly written by passionate fans (and sometimes stars!) of the sport, offering great insight and personality, and often attracting plenty of discussion too.


5. Love Rugby League

Love Rugby League - Top Rugby Blogs

Despite most of our best rugby blogs being mostly aimed at rugby union, Love Rugby League does what it says on the tin and exclusively focuses on the other code of the game. It’s similar in nature to Planet Rugby, and covers a wide range of topics with articles on all the domestic team and features some great analysis.  There are also a series of quizzes and competitions to liven things up a bit.


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  • Susan B

    Thank you! I love rugby and reading about the game but have had little success finding blogs. I shall be dipping in to all of them.


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