Top 5 Hi-Fi Blogs

Top quality hi-fi sound is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and we’ve collected some of the top hi-fi blogs on the internet for audiophiles. Good sound can make a watching a movie on a home cinema system a whole new experience, and let you hear notes in songs you might never have heard before.  These are the best hi-fi blogs we could find for seasoned audio lovers or hi-fi beginners alike.

Top Hi-Fi Blogs

1. SoundStage Hi-fi

Top Hi-fi Blogs - Soundstage

The first thing we noticed on the homepage of SoundStage Hi-Fi is a bold claim to being the “Original Online Audio Magazine” – given that they’ve been producing content since 1995 we’re certainly not going to argue with that!  Whilst we found their menus a little confusing, the sheer breadth of articles on such a wide range of audio topics makes this one of the best hi-fi blogs we could find.  There is a particular focus on high-end audio, but written about with love in a similar fashion to reading magazines about supercars.  We also liked the reader feedback section, where the blog authors respond to comments and letters from readers.


2. The Absolute Sound

Top Hi-fi Blogs - The Absolute Sound

Whilst SoundStage Hi-Fi might claim to be the original online audio magazine, The Absolute Sound has existed in print form since 1973. Their blogs from the magazine authors are well worth a read, and they also carry articles on news and the latest equipment.  We especially liked the exhaustive list of product categories and associated buyer’s guides to help steer the hi-fi newcomer through the world of high-end audio.


3. Hifi Pig

Top Hi-fi Blogs - Hifi Pig

We couldn’t quite figure out where the pig in Hi-fi Pig comes from, but it does feature prominently across their hi-fi blog!  The bulk of the site covers reviews of all sorts of hi-fi equipment, from turntables to DACs and even cables.  There is also quite a strong focus on the audio industry, with regualr news and features and even behind-the-scenes guides to major industry events and shows.  There are even articles on how best to treat your room for the perfect sound.


4. Audiophile Review

Top Hi-fi Blogs - Audiophile Review

As the name alludes to, this blog is full of reviews of audio equipment, by audiophiles and for audiophiles.  It features a regular stream of articles from a wide array of contributors, including some longer featured articles such as the discussion over whether using high-end audio cables really can make a difference to the overall sound quality.  They are also partnered with some other hi-fi blogs which offer forums and discussion.


5. Audio Affair Blog

Top Hi-fi Blogs - Audio Affair Blog

Although Audio Affair is actually the online presence of an independent hi-fi retail shop in the UK, their blog is still well worth a read for hi-fi enthusiasts around the world.  They regularly update the blog with reviews and articles, and especially feature guides to the technical jargon which can dissuade newcomers from making the step up to high-end audio.


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