Top Solo Female Travel Blogs

Travelling the world is one of life’s great adventures. It can be such a liberating experience, and provide you with time for reflection, fun, and an opportunity to test yourself and broaden your horizons. But what if you are female, and on your own? We have collated the top solo female travel blogs for you to gain some great travel tips from those who have already been there and done it!

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1. The Blonde Abroad

Solo Female Travel Blogs - The Blonde Abroad

This Blog features ‘The blonde abroad’ who left her career in corporate finance to travel the world solo, and create an excellent travel blog. There are excellent photos and videos from destinations spanning the globe. The interesting part of this blog is that there is some detail about how Kiersten funds her travels, and how she is able make money from her website business and make her career out of travel.


2. Be My Travel Muse

Top Solo Female Travel Blogs - Be My Travel Muse

This solo female travel blog is written by Kristin who is from South California and has spent years travelling the world solo. She has taken the time to document her travels in a way that is very inspiring. The blog includes great pictures, insider information and travel tips.


3. Adventurouskate

Top Solo Female Travel Blogs - AdventurousKate

Adventurous Kate’s Travel blog is the epitome of adventure solo female travel. She has blog articles on ‘eating insects in Bangkok’,’Drinking snake blood in Vietnam’,’Adventurous Kate crashes a wedding’, and ‘How to avoid travel burnout’. Read about her articles to learn about the potential for any female travelling alone – the opportunities are endless!


4. A Dangerous Business Travel Blog

Top Solo Female Travel Blogs - A Dangerous Business

This is an excellent travel blog from a single lady who writes about her travels, in addition to highlighting the potential risks and pitfalls for solo female travellers. There are top tips to ensure your first solo travel goes to plan, and even tips about accepting help from strangers and tips from her 86 year old grandmother! – If you are concerned about the risks of travelling alone this is a great place to start.


5. Hippie in Heels

Top Solo Female Travel Blogs - Hippie in Heels

This blog really gets to grips with in depth travel in Goa, India. Rachel describes how she left her career in nursing to move abroad to India and start her travel writing career. She has some very unique articles about ‘what to wear in india and where to buy them’ which is quite original compared to some of the more general travel writing.

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  • Wow. they motivate me. I love traveling and exploring new places. Thanks a lot for sharing the information.


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