Top Winter Travel Blogs

When winter is approaching, the nights are dark and long and thoughts naturally turn to brighter topics – like holidays!  We’ve searched out the top winter travel blogs on the web, ranging from snowy getaways, adventurous ski trips and even a bit of winter sun.  If you spot a good winter travel blog that we’ve missed, then please let us know!


Top Winter Travel Blogs

1. Travel Triangle

Top Winter Travel Blogs - Travel Triangle

Travel Triangle is based in India, and is staffed by a vast team of professionals.  Whilst their core business is pulling together holiday trips and experiences from a wide range of travel agents in over 65 locations, their blogs on the best destinations to visit are well worth a read.  They have tailor-made articles for a huge range of destinations, offering specific and useful advice for the budding traveller, letting you know just how to get the best winter travel experience imaginable.


2. In The Snow

Top Winter Travel Blogs - In the Snow

As the name suggests, this site is all about the snow.  Originally a print magazine in the UK, the blog is updated 365 days a year and has some brilliant articles and content.  They have resort guides to cover skiing and snowboarding trips anywhere in the world, as well as video tips and reviews. Plus the editor has skied in over 250 resorts worldwide, so if anyone is qualified to offer some winter travel tips then this man certainly is!


3. Snow Brains

Top Winter Travel Blogs - Snow Brains

If you like taking part in winter sports, then SnowBrains is certainly the blog for you.  They’ve got the freshest snow information anywhere on the web, and consistently post hugely informative articles about the latest snow conditions all across the US.  As well as the snow reports and snow forecasts they also feature an eclectic mix of snowy articles, from humorous skiing videos to a surprisingly detailed explanation of how snow cannons work!


4. Travel Republic

Top Winter Travel Blogs - Travel Republic

Although this site is based in the UK, their blog has a fantastic range of ideas for great travel destinations all around the world.  It’s an ideal blog to read if you’re after a taste of winter sun, be it a beachside getaway or something more adventurous.  They cover locations both in Europe and further afield, and offer some great tips on the best time of the winter to travel to each destination to catch the best weather and the most exciting local events.


5. Nomad by Trade

Top Winter Travel Blogs - Nomad by Trade

The Nomad by Trade blog has got some great articles filled with travel tips for all year long, but we were particularly impressed by their series of articles based around winter travel tips.  They’ve collected the best articles written by a whole range of travel bloggers, and collected them all in one handy place – a super quick way to read a bunch of great winter travel blogs all in one go!


6. Ski Diva

Top Winter Travel Blogs - Ski Diva

The Ski Diva is a blog written by a community of women who all absolutely love snow-sports!  We particularly liked the section of resorts, which has some excellent tips on where best to ski at different times during the long winter months, and even some useful links to find out the latest snow conditions. There’s also a great forum filled with useful discussions on all things ski and snowboard related.


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