Top 5 Coffee Blogs

Here at The Blog Review we’re big fans of a quality cup of coffee to start the day – in fact we probably wouldn’t have got around to reviewing so many top coffee blogs without our daily caffeine fix to keep us going.  Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply like a cup of instant from time to time we’ve collected some of the top coffee blogs on the internet for coffee fans. Quality coffee is often a rare treat (especially if you don’t happen to live in a big city with a thriving independent coffee shop scene) so take a look at these great coffee sites to get some tips and inspiration on how to make the perfect brew, just how you like it.

Top Coffee Blogs

1. Perfect Daily Grind

Top Coffee Blogs - Perfect Daily Grind

The Perfect Daily Grind coffee blog has been running for five years, and is focussed on the topic of specialty coffee.  They also have three core values which they’re passionate about supporting – namely positively affecting the coffee supply chain, empowering a diverse range of people and making high-quality education accessible, which are all very impressive goals for a blog to achieve!  It really is the most comprehensive coffee blog we came across during our research into this article, and we were particularly impressed with the range of really detailed articles about the coffee supply chain, which is a topic often overlooked.  Together with the detailed guides to roasting and brewing, this coffee blog is well worth a read.


2. Sprudge

Top Coffee Blogs - Sprudge

The amusingly-named Sprudge claims to be the world’s most popular coffee publication, and is also home to the world’s first coffee podcast network.  In case you’re wondering (and we certainly were), the name refers to the blotchy coffee stains often found on hard-working baristas at the end of a long shift.  The blog features a rich array of posts, with more regular articles than any other of the coffee blogs we looked at.  We were big fans of the geographical content – there are coffee-lovers’ guides to a range of different cities across the globe, with information about the local coffee culture as well as the best places to visit to get that perfect cup.


3. Coffee Blog UK

Top Coffee Blogs - Coffee Blog UK

Whilst this is a primarily UK-based blog, Kev has built a loyal following of “coffee-botherers” across the world, and we think that this is all because of his brilliant, down-to-earth style.  Kev wasn’t always as knowledgeable about coffee as he is now, and it’s clear from reading the blog that he has been on a coffee journey, and he’s passionate about sharing that with his readers.  He always has the less geeky reader in mind, whether it’s in one of his reviews of products (many of which are written over several years of ownership!) or in his explanations of how to make good quality coffee.


4. CoffeeGeek

Top Coffee Blogs - CoffeeGeek

Whilst Sprudge might claim to be the world’s most popular coffee publication, CoffeeGeek claims to be “the world’s most read coffee and espresso resource”, so we’ll let them settle that debate between themselves… Anyway, CoffeeGeek has been around for almost 20 years, and is the most community-focussed of all the coffee blogs in our list.  It’s got a great database of reviews of a whole host of coffee machines created by real consumers, and has a lively forum section.  Sadly due to an IT-issue the forum is due to be retired when the site gets an upcoming overhaul, but the historic discussion and advice will all be archived for future readers.


5. Coffee Stylish

The final blog on our list is a more personal affair.  Danijela has curated a great selection of coffee articles, recipes and tips with a particular focus on homemade coffee.  There’s a very handy chart to help with choosing a coffee to water ratio, and a surprising array of different coffee recipes, with step-by-step instructions on how to create a drink that’s just right for you, including some traditional coffees as well as seasonal drinks such as spiced lattes.


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