Top 5 Pregnancy and Childbirth Blogs

Everybody knows there are hundreds of old wives’ tales about pregnancy and childbirth, but how can you tell fact from fiction? Where can you find those personal stories and real life accounts that detail the highs and lows of this incredible life changing journey? The Blog Review has carried out a comprehensive search of the most informative and well written pregnancy blogs from women who have documented their experiences for the benefit of others.

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Top Pregnancy Blogs

1. Pregnant Chicken

Lighthearted and such an easy read! Pregnant Chicken is a revelation in pregnancy and motherhood blogs as it really tries to keep things funny and fun whilst being very informative. Some blogs can really get bogged down in personal stories but Pregnant Chicken really does pack its own punch in comedy articles that will keep both you and your partner laughing! A must read of all the pregnancy blogs!

2. Rock My Family

Top Pregnancy Blogs - Rock My Family

This pregnancy blog gives the reader access to a vast array of personal stories tips and advice about what to expect from conception to motherhood. There are articles about ovulation kits, hypnobirthing, maternity fashion, choosing your birthing partner and many more. There are personal pregnancy diaries and insider information about labour and the less well known birthing injuries. The website is really attractive and easy to navigate and keeps you wanting to read more.

3. A Baby On Board

Top Pregnancy Blogs - A Baby on Board

A blog about creative family life and style in London. A baby on board really fills a unique area of maternity blogs by focusing on professional women living in London. There are articles about ‘How to hide early pregnancy from your friends and colleagues’, and ‘How London changes when you are a parent’, and ‘Tips for getting around London Transport with babies’. It certainly provides interesting snapshots into things that haven’t even crossed your mind before having kids!

4. Emma’s Diary

Top Pregnancy Blog - Emma's Diary

Emma’s Diary is an excellent website where you can follow an array of Mummy Bloggers who share their stories of what life is really like for mums to be! In addition to the pregnancy blogs, there is access to trusted advice on preconception health, fertility and health and wellbeing in pregnancy. The website is created in association with The Royal College of General Practitioners.

5. Hannah Maggs

Top Pregnancy Blogs - Hannah Maggs

Hannah is a young mum who is really loving life and you get that real sense of happiness in her posts about young family life. Her photography really exhibits her photos in a magical way which draws you into her world. She documents about her life with two young children, her pregnancy and her life with a newborn. A nice relaxing read, supported by a well thought out website making it one of the top pregnancy blogs.


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