Top 5 Graduate Blogs

Today we’re featuring some of the best graduate blogs on the web.  Choosing a graduate scheme can be a daunting experience, and so there are plenty of websites out there which aim to help people showcase their skills and find the right job for their talents.  Whilst you’re waiting for that dream career why not have a look at our selection of the best graduate blogs?

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Top Graduate Blogs

1. Graduate Fog

Top Graduate Blogs - Graduate Fog

Graduate Fog claims to be the top website for graduates in the UK, and seems to be a formidable force.  It has campaigned on graduate issues and as a result been featured in a range of publications including the BBC and many national newspapers.  The site features articles and tips on how to survive as a student, tips for careers fairs and interviews, and an excellent range of articles about how to flourish once you’ve started your graduate job.


2. Inspiring Interns

Top Graduate Blogs - Inspiring Interns

Whilst the Inspiring Interns site is linked to a leading graduate recruitment agency it still has a great blog offering advice to those in the hunt for a new job.  The site is regularly updated and features some great articles covering a range of topics as diverse as working in a pet shop to preparing for exams.  Some of the articles are classic listicles, but it’s the detailed guides into specific careers which earned Inspiring Interns a spot on our list of the top graduate blogs.


3. Give a Grad a Go

Top Graduate Blogs - Give a Grad a Go

Give A Grad A Go is an organisation which has been set up to help graduates find an ideal job that they’ll (hopefully!) love.  They’re a bunch of friendly consultants, but they also host a great blog providing loads of helpful tips for budding employees, including what to wear on a job interview, and even what to do on your first day in the office.  We also enjoyed the occasional posts on how to spend your spare time when you’re not working!


4. Graduate Coach

Top Graduate Blogs - Graduate Coah

This blog is from the self-style number 1 graduate coaching company in the UK, and offers some key advice on how to find the ideal graduate placement.  Articles focus on topics such as interview and application advice, to steps to avoiding stress once you’ve landed that dream job.  There are also some wider discussions on topics such as positive thinking and productivity, all available free of charge.


5. NHS Graduate Blog

Top Graduate Blogs - NHS

Something a bit different from the other blogs in our list, the NHS Graduate Blog follows the lives of some of the trainees working for the National Health Service in the UK.  The blog is written by the graduates themselves, and offers personal tips and insights into the successes and failures they’ve experienced during their graduate applications.  It also provides an interesting viewpoint into life on the graduate scheme, helping prospective applicants make the decision on applying.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Graduate Blogs

  • Great to see these blogs on the list. They all do amazing things. Would love to get The Grad Hub up there too. We offer a mix of pre, during and post uni advice, travel advice, careers advice as well as jobs and discounts for students.


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