Top 5 Diabetes Blogs

Recent studies have shown promising statistics about patients achieving remission of their Type 2 Diabetes with diet alone, which is a really exciting prospect. Diabetes is a burgeoning chronic health condition that is affecting more and more of the population and contributing to significant morbidity and mortality in developed nations, and so diabetes blogs are becoming increasingly popular.

So where can you find further information about type 2 diabetes? Where can you find advice and personal accounts from others who have type 2 diabetes? Where can you find out about the top diet and exercise strategies to help you strive towards remission?

Here at The Blog Review we have compiled a list of the top type 2 diabetes blogs to provide links to further information and guidance to help you.

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Top Diabetes Blogs

1. Diabetes Blog

Top Diabetes Blogs - Diabetes Blog

This blog is part of the website which is a vast resource of excellent information and guidance for anyone with type 2 diabetes who is wanting to improve their knowledge of the condition. The blog is an easy read with almost daily magazine style posts which write about interesting topical stories and seasonal posts relating everyday life with management of your diabetes. Readers can register with the website in order to contribute to forum posts and gain moral support among others with type 2 diabetes. The website attracts over 3 million views per month proving its popularity and wide reach.


2. The Low Carb Program

Top Diabetes Blogs - The Low Carb Program

An award winning digital health intervention programme for type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity. This programme offers a sustainable weight loss regime which aims to reduce medication dependency in diabetes and aims to help lower HbA1C. The website offers a number of blog articles which offer inspiration from patient success stories. Well worth a read.


3. Diabetes UK Type 2 Blogs

Top Diabetes Blogs - Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is the largest organisation in the UK with a mission to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. On their blog page they have a number of regular bloggers who write about their daily experiences of living with diabetes. They offer inspiration, motivation, knowledge and reassurance to others who may have been newly diagnosed or who are looking for further information.


4. Diabetes Daily

Top Diabetes Blogs - Diabetes Daily

This blog site has a excellent array of recipes to inspire new ideas and interesting cooking for those with diabetes. It also has a forum where members can post interesting articles, research, information and discussions. It also has an events page to find out about global events for people with diabetes. An excellent example of one of the many diabetes blogs on the web.


5. DiabetesSisters

Top Diabetes Blogs - Diabetes Sisters

This blog is a real true to life blog about a woman who writes about her daily struggles, battles and triumphs with type 2 diabetes. The website rotates bloggers who write a weekly post for 3- 6 months of the year and then they move on to another blogger in order to capture a wide range of experiences and perspectives. Excellent resource for people wanting that personal touch from diabetes blogs.


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