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Formula One is one of the fastest sports on the planet, and with the new 2018 season about to start now is the perfect time to check out the best F1 blogs on the Internet. If sport is your thing then why not also have a look at our other sport pages?

So without further ado, here are the top 5 F1 blogs as recommended by The Blog Review:

1: PlanetF1

Top F1 Blogs - PlanetF1

One of the classics, PlanetF1 is one of the largest and most professional F1 blogs on the web and covers everything to do with the sport. Featuring news, live race updates, in-depth features and interviews it gives fans the complete low-down on their favourite sport. It also has a highly popular social scene, with quizzes, competitions and a lively forum to keep fans engaged and entertained. If you only read one F1 blog – try this one.


2. JoeBlogsF1

Top F1 Blogs - JoeBlogsF1

Joe Seward has been writing about F1 since 1988, so you could say he’s just about getting into his stride. In that time he’s amassed a huge range of contacts within the sport which he uses to provide behind-the-scenes information which other F1 blogs might not cover. The site doesn’t feature as lively a discussion scene as some of the other options, but Joe makes up for this with his fascinating facts and coverage of the races and teams.


3. RaceFans

Top F1 Blogs - Race Fans

Compared to some of the other F1 blogs featured here RaceFans covers a wide range of motorsports. The site is proud of its community atmosphere, and was set up in 2005 by Keith Collantine. Originally called F1 Fanatic, the site has since broadened its appeal. We especially liked the fact that each race on the F1 season is given its own group where fans can join in the lively discussion, as well as hosting groups for other motorsports disciplines.


4. James Allen on F1

Top F1 Blogs - James Allen on F1

James Allen is perhaps best known in the UK as the voice of the ITV commentary back in the early 2000’s. Since then he’s become one of the official interviewers at the post-race press conferences, so is in a unique position to offer his insights on each race. He also worked as a pit-lane reporter, and uses this background to offer interesting discussions behind the strategic choices made by the teams. Following each race there is also a breakdown of how each team compared and a very useful lap chart – something the other F1 blogs featured here don’t offer.

5. Lights Out

Top F1 Blogs - Lights Out

The Lights Out blog is run by Nicky Haldenby and is a true blog for the fans.  It’s only been running for a couple of years but has still gained loads of fans thanks to its clean design and great writing.  Plus it starts playing the Fleetwood Mac classic “The Chain” as soon as you go on the site – what could be more F1 than that?

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  • Loving the new season – this will give me something to read in-between races!


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