Top PlayStation Blogs

Video games are one of the fastest-growing entertainment sectors in the world, with some popular titles selling in truly extraordinary titles. Whether you prefer sports titles or bizarrely-specific simulations (Goat Simulator, anyone?!) we’ve rounded up the top PlayStation blogs on the web.  Just in case you’re not exactly sure what a PlayStation is (perhaps you’ve just returned from a 20-year trip to space?) then it looks like this:

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Top PlayStation Blogs

1. Official PlayStation Blog

Top PlayStation Blogs - Official Sony PlayStation Blog

Well this seemed like a fair place to start.  The official Sony PlayStation blog is run by Sony and so features the latest news and sneak previews of upcoming releases and games.  The blog has a heavy social media presence and encourages fans to join the conversation, offering the opportunity to get in touch directly with the developers of their favourite games.  They run a podcast (a blogcast in fact!) and have regular posts encouraging fans to share their own photos and videos, making this one of the all-round top PlayStation blogs out there.


2. Push Square

Top Playstation Blogs - Push Square

Named after one of the buttons on the DualShock controller, Push Square has been running since 2009 and is fiercely proud of its independent status as one of the top PlayStation blogs on the web.  Filled with a mixture of news, reviews and gossip, the site has a database of over 10,000 PlayStation games, making it a must-visit for any serious Sony fan.  The Soapbox section of the site features some excellent writing and offers the opinions of the expert staff, and the thriving comments sections are testament to its popularity.


3. PS4 Blog.net

Top Playstation Blogs - PS4Blog net

This site has a real community feel, with each of the several different authors writing interesting biographies about themselves. They’re also spread all over the world, giving an international perspective on the world of Sony PlayStation.  There are some behind-the-scenes interviews with developers, a lively chatroom, and plenty of news and reviews.  They also have a regular giveaway, offering free games to share with the community (if they’re lucky enough to be picked as a winner!).


4.  Pure PlayStation

Top Playstation Blogs - Pure PlayStation

The Pure PlayStation site has some of the best writing of any of the top PlayStation blogs in our list today,  The team of reviewers and journalists behind the site strive to make it as enjoyable to read as possible, and it looks like they’re hitting their target.  Together with the usual news and reviews there are also some videos of the team playing the games in question.  They are also rightly proud of their journalistic rigour and integrity.  Also, the text in their footer genuinely made us laugh out loud – go and read it!


5. PlayStation Lifestyle

Top Playstation Blogs - PlayStation Lifestyle

PlayStation Lifestyle is another blue website – blue clearly being the favourite colour of all Sony fans… The site features a lively mix of news, reviews and features, and was founded by Anthony way back in 2008.  Since then it has grown to accommodate a full team of writers, and regularly pulls in over 2 million views a month.  This means that they have a lively forum, and also can add news and features discussing the wider video games industry – something that some of the other top PlayStation blogs actively shy away from.

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    This is great! We have just got our old PS2 out so this gives me the motivation to play again!!

  • belinda porter

    lots of information for gamers


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