Top 5 Cycle Touring Blogs

For anyone who loves cycling, the opportunity to travel the world on two wheels is the experience of a lifetime and well worth writing a blog about to provide inspiration and ideas to others. Here at The Blog Review we found it so difficult to create the top 5 listings as there are so many cycle touring blogs out there – here are our favourites to get you started…

Top 5 Cycle Touring Blogs

1. Alastair Humphreys 

Alastair is a well seasoned adventurer who set out to cycle around the world at the age of 24. He now has moved on to a wide variety of adventure travel and has over 1800 blog posts on his website, and he has even written a number of books about his adventures. He is now a motivational speaker giving talks at a number of corporate events giving inspirational talks from his wealth of wisdom. Well worth a read for a moment of inspiration, definitely one of the top cycle touring blogs out there.

Top Cycle Touring Blogs - Alastair Humphreys


2. JKB’s Bike Ride

This blog is an excellent example of how anyone can take on a cycling adventure with no prior experience! JKB decided to start cycling aged 22 and took off around the world. He admits to having no prior knowledge about bikes, camping or map reading, but he successfully navigated the globe on a enviable adventure with just a few basic pieces of equipment. He had no plans, but he did have a bountiful sense of adventure!


Top Cycling Touring Blogs - JKB's Bike Ride


3. Tom’s Bike Trip

Tom describes how he set off on his trip ‘Ride Earth’ in 2006 and has still never really finished it, he developed a love of cycling, adventure travel and writing his blog to document his travels. He writes about how he has met so many others travelling the world by bike, and how this somehow became his full time occupation. On his website he has great kit list guides and articles about his idea of what constitutes a great expedition bike.

Top Cycle Touring Blogs - Tom's Bike Trip


4. 2 Cycle The World

In September 2012 this couple left their corporate jobs to cycle the world. They cycled from Germany to New Zealand increasing their love for sport and exercise, with Baerbel responsible for cooking, food shopping and updating the blog, and Johan responsible for filming, photography and bike maintenance. This blog is an excellent example of how cycling the world does not have to be a lonesome adventure! Some of the website is written in German however also a fair amount is in English and there are a lot of professional photos which need no words.

Top Cycle Touring Blogs - 2 Cycle The World


5. Cycling the Globe

Thomas Andersen was sitting at his desk at the end of a 10 hour day working as an engineer in Denmark when he realised that this monotonous way of living life was not for him and he decided to up-sticks and cycle around the world. Since then he has visited 58 countries and cycled over 58,000km. On his website he gives the reader insider information about his travels, he has a link to his Strava site giving you up to date information about where he is currently and his daily rides. He updates his cycle touring blogs on an almost daily basis, keeping his followers up to date with his latest adventures.

Top Cycle Touring Blogs - Cycling The Globe

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  • I follow some of those listed above. I’ll add The Bike Ramble to the list.


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