Top 5 Recycling Blogs

Even before Planet Earth II shocked us with its scenes of plastic filling the ocean, we’ve always been convinced of the need to recycle and reuse our waste in a sustainable manner.  These are our top picks for the recycling blogs we think have the power to change the world by convincing you to do your bit and recycle.

Top Recycling Blogs


Top Recycling Blogs - SMART

SMART stands for Sustainable Manufacturing and Recycling Technologies, and is a research group based in Loughborough University in the UK.  Despite their academic connections, the many contributors to the blog write interesting and engaging articles on a range of green subjects.  The articles on this recycling blog range from interesting discussions to though-provoking studies into green technology and lifestyle choices.  Plus they lean on their academic background by providing a thorough list of references to accompany each post!


2. Recycle Nation

Top Recycling Blogs - Recycle Nation

This recycling blog claims to be a a dynamic recycling and green living-focused website, and a quick browse of the feed of articles will confirm that’s the case.  The posts cover a broad range of topics, from how to enjoy the greenest wedding possible, to more every day tips such as how to avoid using single use plastics and other throwaway disposable items.  Aside from the great recycling blog, the site also features a fantastic search engine for a local recycling spot, helping you to dispose of your goods in a sustainable manner.


3. My Zero Waste

Top Recycling Blogs - My Zero Waste

The My Zero Waste blog is a recycling blog run by a family of keen environmentalists.  Their articles focus on ways to live a greener life, whether by making simple and small changes around the house or even convincing your employer to move to a zero waste office.  Their FAQ page is particularly impressive, offering suggestions on how to recycle an array of household items.  They also review green, eco-friendly versions of popular products.


4. RecyclingBins

Top Recycling Blogs - Recycling Bins

RecyclingBins sell… recycling bins!  But luckily for us they also run a great blog packed with articles ranging from golfers finding sustainable ways to recycle their old clubs (maybe put them in a recycling bin?) to news about recycling policy within local and national government.  They also cover international stories, giving a global feel to their recycling news feed – definitely not a waste of your time 😉


5. Forge Recycling

Top Recycling Blogs - Forge Recycling

Whilst Forge Recycling is a company from the UK who specialise in waste management and disposal, their recycling blog features a whole host of really thought-provoking and motivating articles about recycling.  In fact, we didn’t even realise that they were a waste management company until we found their ‘About Us’ page!  Anyway, their blog is well worth a read, with interesting comments on topical recycling and waste news stories as well as tips on how to successfully live a greener lifestyle.


Green Mums

Top Recycling Blogs - Green Mums

This is a bonus blog – not quite sneaking into our top 5 recycling blogs but we still feel it’s worthy of a visit!  Tracy (aka the Green Mum) writes some really interesting articles on how to be a successful eco parent, from reviews of eco-friendly products to fun ideas for trips out with the children.  If you’re looking for a green present for someone – this might be worth a look!

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